Electric guitar and amp for sale in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Cort G200 Guitar for Sale

Cort G200 Electric Guitar

Electric Guitar, Amp, Case and Accessories

Cort G200 Electric Guitar Front View

The Cort G200 electric guitar is ideal for beginners. This guitar includes a Peavey amplifier, an effects peddle with power supply, guitar case, audio cables and more.

Both the guitar, amp and accessories are all in excellent condition and only slightly used.

This deal includes the following in the price:

  • 1 × Cort G200 Electric Guitar
  • 1 × Peavey RAGE 158 Amplifier, 15W
  • 1 × ROCKCASE Guitar Case
  • 1 × ZOOM 505II Effects Pedal
  • 1 × Ibanez Guitar Strap
  • 2 × Audio Cables
  • 3 × Different Thickness Plectrums
  • 1 × Slide Guitar Bottle Neck

To purchase this guitar, or for more information, use the following email contact form.

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